Tips when booking a family holiday

tips planning a family holiday

  1. Book direct or with a travel agent? Going direct is often more expensive nowadays! This is because holiday companies offer travel agents big commissions on holiday sales so travel agents can offer holidays at a big reduction
  2. Almost always it is better to book your holiday early – as much as 12-18 mths in advance. This is when the best deals are offered
  3. Remember you are travelling as a family so think about flight times – middle of the night might be cheaper but could add lots of unnecessary stress to your holiday
  4. Before making your final holiday payment include all the holiday extras you might want these are cheaper than buying once you are on holiday in many cases – these might include meal plans, excursions, transfers, keeping your room longer in resort.
  5. Buying your holiday clothes in season. If you are going on holiday outside of the main UK summer, it’s worth planning ahead and buying sun cream and holiday clothes early so that you aren’t frantically trying to find somewhere to buy summer clothes in October.

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