It has been said there is no other place in Greece like Halkidiki and after a recent visit, I could not agree more.

The three peninsulas with their imposing mountains and fjord like bays, long stretches of blue flag sandy beaches make this a spectacular place to visit.
After a three and half hour flight from Manchester our first stop was Greece’s second largest city, Thessaloniki. This modern and cosmopolitan sea side city with its world class heritage sites, excellent food and shopping along with a mixture of great cultures and religions, makes this an ideal weekend break destination or a stopover.

During the next few days of our whistle stop trip we visited the three peninsulas:
Kassandra the most cosmopolitan of the peninsulas where most of the resort hotels are has a lively night life in the many bars, tavernas and night clubs.
Sithonia is unspoilt with beautiful scenery, miles of pine forests and secluded beaches. Famous for its honey; we passed lots of beehives along the quiet stretches of road.

Athos is the furthest east of the peninsulas, where the amazing Mount Athos is located. A monastic state and an UNESCO World Heritage site, it has been an Orthodox spiritual centre since 1054, and is home to about 1,400 monks living in 20 Byzantine Monasteries. The area is closed to the public except for men who can obtain special permission to visit. However seeing the monasteries by boat is still spectacular and memorable.

With the wide variety of hotels from boutique, to all inclusive, and one of the most luxurious family resorts in Europe, there is something for everyone and a visit is highly recommended.